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The artist HaN G (aka Dean Kitching) plays a remarkable and mystical instrument from which dreams are made of ...the 'Hang'. HaN G brings a unique and energising style delivering the Hangs' enlightening overtones while Digital Habitat provides a back drop of ambient soundscapes, dubbed out melodies and tripped out rhythms - making this a very interesting and exciting collaboration.
Get on over to the new HaN G Sound Cloud page and start following for updates and previews.
WHY! - 3 track EP  Latest... WHY! EP

TRACK 1. Why! - original 4min 16
TRACK 2. Why! - ambient dubscape 12min 44
TRACK 3. Why! - wall edit 6min 59
TRACK 4. Why! - tears of hope part I 5min 37
TRACK 5. Why! - tears of hope part II 4min 40

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First up is the debut EP from HaN G featuring Digital Habitat. A 5 track cd promo due for release this August (with digital downloads to follow).
20% of proceeds will go to the charity IMET 2000 (more info below).
 IMET 2000
Since we were established in 2000, The International Medical Education Trust 2000 (IMET 2000) has been working to address the immense need for specialised healthcare in Palestine. We facilitate continuous lifelong learning and professional development for doctors, nurses, dentists, community health workers and allied health professionals by providing a core matrix of e-learning and self-directed learning which is both accessible and cost effective. Our current work is more focused on mental and physical trauma in children resulting from conflict, severe economic deprivation, torture and abuse.

IMET 2000

 Registered charity in England no: 1081287

 IMET 2000 website

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