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  HaN G
    Spring welcomes a busy time for HaN G with continuing work and two new releases. The Energy Balance Sessions - a deep ambient soundscape centered around the Hang instrument and delivering over 35 minutes of sub level relaxtion and forming sound, is now available from leading download stores.
    Second up, the first purely acoustic album Hang Hang - Organic 1 - show casing HaN G's original set from beautifully moving pieces to upbeat tribal rhythm signatures. A limited promo CD is now availble, please see our downloads page for more details.

  Audio Twins
    The second Audio Twins EP is due for release on the 25th October. Lying In My Bed offers 3 mixes including an electro take from Lucia which is a real treat from the angelic vocalist and long time dance pioneer. Plus bonus track Wait For Me - (Mid Summers Eve mix) completes the set of chilled trip hop through to dark underground and electro.

  Digtial Habitat
    Introducing the Mix Fixer EP from Digital Habitat. A 5 track journey through trip hop and experimental breaks, instrumental soundscapes and deep melodies. - making Mix Fixer a real spectrum of both laid back and experimental ambience with a beat. Availability listed at our downloads page

  Audio Twins
    The first Audio Twins EP is OUT NOW and available via all major digital music stores! Entitled Wait For Me and containing the following tracks: Wait For Me Original mix, Wait For Me Indian Summer remix, Wait For Me Butterfly Dreamer mix (feat. HaN G) and bonus dance floor track People Just Like Us. For more info visit the Audio Twins website, or you can find the official press release on the Sunscreem website (hit the news feed). Browse the Audio Twins catalogue with store links at our downloads page Preview People Just Like Us (Full Build mix) below / here

  HaN G feat. Digital Habitat
    This exciting new collaboration brings together the old and the new. The ancient and the moment... for it is the power of the 'Hang' - performed uniquely, passionately and exclusively by HaN G - capturing the imagination and transcending musical boundaries. The 5 track EP is OUT NOW (supporting the charity IMET 2000) is available via all major download stores. The limited CD promo is only availble through this site, order via the downloads page There's lots going on with this project so join the HaN G facebook page for info on future releases and more earth shattering revelations :)

  Social Networks

    After the sad demise of BeatsDigital, dHP will soon be launching on iTunes, Juno Download and Beatport through our new distribution service. All tracks will be available in the superior wav format as well as MP3. There is still a temporary limited catalogue available on ithinkmusic

  Fashion pics
    Have a butchers at some fashion pics that have recently re-surfaced. Some fancy shots which were published back in the 90's for the likes of Hysteric Glamour, Vivienne Westwood, Dexter Wong, Vexed Generation, Fabris Lane and many more here. A great bit of fun ... thank you darlings! *)

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